Faisal Hussamuddin
Creative Director
A guy who devoted his life in photography and cinematography. Active on Instagram @faisal.hmn, Faisal continues to display his photography and cinematic sense, updating his feed with premium pictures & lifestyle, as well as Kuala Lumpur's top social events.
Shafiq Hafizi
Social Content Manager
A dexterous young man who is passionate about social media interactions and engagement . Active in data mining for content producing as well as maintaing the social media accounts.
Amir Asyraf
Content Specialist
A travel and lifestyle writer who always fueled by a passion towards writing. Read his stories about his travel adventure, food journey and some of his random ramblings.
Nabiha Najla
Creative Writer
A masscom graduate who knows the in and out of Malayia’s number one focus and enjoy reading as much as writing a fruitful content.