Sasana Kijang is aiming to educate the citizen of Malaysia and foreign visitors regarding the importance of economics, Islamic banking and financial planning together with the role that the Central Bank plays in building the nation.

The Nautilus Staircase is one of the most striking feature in this building. This staircase begins from the lobby and links every floor. This structure is the inspiration for the main graphic icon and is actively applied and widespread across this museum.


Other than that, it has 6 galleries in total for the visitors to dive and explore. The Children’s Gallery situated on the ground floor is filled with various hands-on games and activities such as the RM1 Million Tunnel and you can even custom your own banknotes!

BNM Gallery, 1st floor, is where you can play the Investment Game and experience the Governor’s Room with your own eyes despite learning about the important role of our Central Bank.

The Numismatics Gallery on the 2nd floor is where you can learn about the early history of money, play the Barter Game, explore the unique River of Coins and witness the display of world banknotes.

Explore all these amazing galleries for FREE and it opens from 10am to 6pm daily.